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Snapfish Photos

It was hard to do but I narrowed down the pictures I have taken to 5 to be turned into greeting cards.  The pictures I chose were the ones you can see in the previous posts.

Rising Palm

A shot of the Palm Tree that has been on the side of my house as long as I’ve been around.palm tree

My Cousins

Here’s a photo of my cousins Gavin and Karley having some fun in the sand.

Gavin and Karley

My Front Window

This is a picture I took of my front window and deck right before the sun was going down. Bay Window

Desert Rainbow

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a snapshot of this

desert rainbow

Frontyard Fountain

This is one I took of a fountain outside my house.


Bella Mia

This photo is of my Grandparents Border Collie named  Bella, after she had been running around for awhile.