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Rick Smolan

After watching a videos of interviews with Rick Smolan, I was intrigued by all his stories about his life as a photographer and all the people he’s met.  You can tell he’s dedicated to his craft, spending years and years working on projects and putting his heart and soul into them.  There were so many things that happened in his life that would advance him into the next stage of his career.  He had strokes of luck that would prove to have a great outcome for him.  He never gave up on his projects when  ad agencies and editors would turn him down.  He’s clearly a highly motivated person.  One of his stories I found most interesting was the story he did on the children of American G.I.’s over in Asia.  He was so dedicated to making this a story that would strongly affect anyone who read it, that he demanded his name be taken off the project when the editor chose to not include his favorite yet controversial photos.  I’ve never seen any of his work, but these videos have got me interested in checking some of his stuff out.