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Sally Mann

The photographer Sally Mann chooses to use old fashioned ways of taking photos, and not only is she not afraid of her pictures having mistakes in them, she actually prays that they do have mistakes.  She doesn’t want perfect pictures.  After watching a video in class about her, she comes across as little eccentric.  I guess you’d have to be to take photos they way she does with glass and old cameras, no digital photos or manipulations.  When her children were younger she used them in many of her photos and they seemed to be glad to help, even if it meant getting nude in front of the camera.  I felt that in some way she took advantage of her children.  She said in the video that it wasn’t because she enjoyed or wanted to take pictures of her children, but she did because they were just there.  I may not fully understand why Sally Mann chooses to take the pictures she does or her whole process of taking them, but you can definitely tell that she loves doing it .


A View of PQ

This is a picture I took from the deck of My girlfriend’s backyard in Rancho Penasquitos.