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Finishing the Jim Brandenburg film

Tonight in class we finished watching the film on Jim Brandenburg, the photographer I blogged about at the beginning of the month.  We saw a continuation of his project where he only alloeed himself to take one photo a day for ninety days.  The images we saw were extraordinary.  A point Jim made that was interesting was that before he started the project, he could take as many pictures as he wanted wanted and then compare them afterwards.  But while doing his ninety day project, he only had that one shot, and had nothing else to compare it to, which made each one more special and more intriguing.  I think it makes more of a story for each picture taken.  He also admitted to adding his own light into a photo he took of a waterfall.  He asks if this makes the photo worse knowing its fake light, or better because it was an artistic decision that was put into the picture.  Either way the photo was great.  My favorite photo that was taken by jim had to of been Wolf Chasing Ravens. It is such a cool action shot, and Jim had to be there at just the right moment to capture it. And it is extra special considering he could only take one shot a day.

Wolf Chasing Ravens  by Jim Brandenburg

Wolf Chasing Ravens by Jim Brandenburg

Old Rundown Motorcycle

Here’s a photo of a very old motorcycle from my grandparents backyard in Vista, CA.