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California Sunset

A beautiful sunset photograph that I took when traveling to see some family


Roni Horn

Tonight our video was on artist Roni Horn.   Horn’s work deals with the relationship between nature an humankind.  She tries to remake nature in a human image.  At one point in the video there are images of water hung up in hallways at a university in Iceland.  She says this reflects the students flowing down the halls on their own journey in learning.  Also, in relationship to the water, she says that she is the prey and the water is the predator.  Roni Horn says that drawing is the main key in all of the art that she does because it creates relationships between humans and nature.  She also did a project where she photographed sculptures of clown that s pretty creepy.   But again, the main focus of Roni Horn’s artwork is to create a relationship between the human and nature.

Roni Horn

Playing with Fire

This is off topic from what I’m doing in class but I found a cool tutorial on how to make things look like they are on fire, and here are some pictures I’ve made. The fire image and the original.