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Twin Oaks Fence

This is a picture of a fence dividing the valley knolls neighborhood and The 14th hole of the Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos, CA



California Sunset

A beautiful sunset photograph that I took when traveling to see some family


Roni Horn

Tonight our video was on artist Roni Horn.   Horn’s work deals with the relationship between nature an humankind.  She tries to remake nature in a human image.  At one point in the video there are images of water hung up in hallways at a university in Iceland.  She says this reflects the students flowing down the halls on their own journey in learning.  Also, in relationship to the water, she says that she is the prey and the water is the predator.  Roni Horn says that drawing is the main key in all of the art that she does because it creates relationships between humans and nature.  She also did a project where she photographed sculptures of clown that s pretty creepy.   But again, the main focus of Roni Horn’s artwork is to create a relationship between the human and nature.

Roni Horn

Playing with Fire

This is off topic from what I’m doing in class but I found a cool tutorial on how to make things look like they are on fire, and here are some pictures I’ve made. The fire image and the original.

Finishing the Jim Brandenburg film

Tonight in class we finished watching the film on Jim Brandenburg, the photographer I blogged about at the beginning of the month.  We saw a continuation of his project where he only alloeed himself to take one photo a day for ninety days.  The images we saw were extraordinary.  A point Jim made that was interesting was that before he started the project, he could take as many pictures as he wanted wanted and then compare them afterwards.  But while doing his ninety day project, he only had that one shot, and had nothing else to compare it to, which made each one more special and more intriguing.  I think it makes more of a story for each picture taken.  He also admitted to adding his own light into a photo he took of a waterfall.  He asks if this makes the photo worse knowing its fake light, or better because it was an artistic decision that was put into the picture.  Either way the photo was great.  My favorite photo that was taken by jim had to of been Wolf Chasing Ravens. It is such a cool action shot, and Jim had to be there at just the right moment to capture it. And it is extra special considering he could only take one shot a day.

Wolf Chasing Ravens  by Jim Brandenburg

Wolf Chasing Ravens by Jim Brandenburg

Old Rundown Motorcycle

Here’s a photo of a very old motorcycle from my grandparents backyard in Vista, CA.


Sally Mann

The photographer Sally Mann chooses to use old fashioned ways of taking photos, and not only is she not afraid of her pictures having mistakes in them, she actually prays that they do have mistakes.  She doesn’t want perfect pictures.  After watching a video in class about her, she comes across as little eccentric.  I guess you’d have to be to take photos they way she does with glass and old cameras, no digital photos or manipulations.  When her children were younger she used them in many of her photos and they seemed to be glad to help, even if it meant getting nude in front of the camera.  I felt that in some way she took advantage of her children.  She said in the video that it wasn’t because she enjoyed or wanted to take pictures of her children, but she did because they were just there.  I may not fully understand why Sally Mann chooses to take the pictures she does or her whole process of taking them, but you can definitely tell that she loves doing it .