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My Finished Book

By by: Donovan Olson

The Ordover Gallery in Solana Beach

The Ordover Gallery in Solana beach featured work from many  photographers including Lisa Ross, Christopher Burkett, and the Tuscany exhibit by Elizabeth Carmel.  These photographs features objects with lots of textures and colors.  If you were willing to drop alot of money you could even own one of these pieces.  The Tuscany exhibit also had panoramas and landscapes, which I take a particular interest in because the book I am making for my class deals alot with landscapes.  There were so many different techniques used in the work in this gallery, it was a real learning experience.  I show a great appreciation for all the beautiful images I saw in the gallery, and if I was incredibly rich, would probably buy a piece or two.

The Ordover Gallery at San Diego Natural History Museum

The exhibit in the Ordover Gallery at the San Diego Natural History Museum featured work from many artists and was headlined by National Geographic Photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins.  This particular exhibit featured gorgeous photographs of Baja California.  I have always been a fan of nature photography, especially pictures in which you can see wild animals and how they act in their natural habitats.  And these pictures definitely did not dissapoint.  The patience it must of taken to get certain shots such as the underwater photos is incredible.  There was also a close up picture of a whale’s eye that shows a view of an animal that most of us will never get to see in real life.  After viewing these pictures it really makes you want to go out and see this side of baja for yourself.  I would reccomend this exhibit to anyone interested in nature photography, for it is an incredible experience.

MOPA “Beloved Daughters” Fazal Sheikh

The exhibit at Mopa was by the photographer Fazal Sheikh.  The exhibit featured powerful images taken by Fazal of women from two different communities in India. The images from the first community were of widows who have committed their lives to “Krishna” and the cycle of life and death.  The pictures from the second community were focused on young women and girls who are severely suppressed by the laws.  The black and white photos in my opinion are so strong and make you focus on the face and the emotion of the women in the pictures. There were also testimonies from the subjects in Sheikh’s photos.  It was nice to read them and put a story with a face.  Fazal Sheikh did a great job of capturing the solemn faces of these poor women.  It really makes you realize how lucky you are  for what you have and can show you how much you take for granted.  

Collier Schorr

Tonight’s video was on photographer Collier Schorr.  In the video Schorr goes to boys wrestling matches in order to take photographs of them.  She says that masculinity has always been black and white, there is no gray area.  She likes to capture the wrestlers in certain moments.  She says she also likes to capture their sexiness.  It came across a little creepy the way she would describe it, but her photographs were interesting nonetheless. She talks about her trips to Germany and how she has been photographing the same boy since he was nine.  Schorr says she likes taking pictures of the tall muscular blondes, for that is what she grew up being afraid of.  You can tell that she is very dedicated to the idea of masculinity in her work.


Here are a few Panorama shots I took for our pano assignment

oceanside pier pano

oceanside coastline

oceanside panorama