Cal State San Marcos

MOPA “Beloved Daughters” Fazal Sheikh

The exhibit at Mopa was by the photographer Fazal Sheikh.  The exhibit featured powerful images taken by Fazal of women from two different communities in India. The images from the first community were of widows who have committed their lives to “Krishna” and the cycle of life and death.  The pictures from the second community were focused on young women and girls who are severely suppressed by the laws.  The black and white photos in my opinion are so strong and make you focus on the face and the emotion of the women in the pictures. There were also testimonies from the subjects in Sheikh’s photos.  It was nice to read them and put a story with a face.  Fazal Sheikh did a great job of capturing the solemn faces of these poor women.  It really makes you realize how lucky you are  for what you have and can show you how much you take for granted.  

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