Cal State San Marcos

The Ordover Gallery at San Diego Natural History Museum

The exhibit in the Ordover Gallery at the San Diego Natural History Museum featured work from many artists and was headlined by National Geographic Photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins.  This particular exhibit featured gorgeous photographs of Baja California.  I have always been a fan of nature photography, especially pictures in which you can see wild animals and how they act in their natural habitats.  And these pictures definitely did not dissapoint.  The patience it must of taken to get certain shots such as the underwater photos is incredible.  There was also a close up picture of a whale’s eye that shows a view of an animal that most of us will never get to see in real life.  After viewing these pictures it really makes you want to go out and see this side of baja for yourself.  I would reccomend this exhibit to anyone interested in nature photography, for it is an incredible experience.

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