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Last Class! Book Sharing

Tonight is our last night of class and we all shared our books and were asked to choose one of our favorites to write about.  I particurlary liked Cathie’s book about the scenic highway 101.  The decision to add information into the book along with the pictures was great.  It was cool to read information about the certain places she photgraphed.  I have bee to many of the locations that were in her book as well.  Some of my friends even work at some of the bars/restaurants that were featured in the book.  You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into the creation of the book.  And you can tell that it payed off because the end result was awesome.  I would recommend her book to anyone interested in the subject.

A Few Screenshots from my Book

Here is the front cover and back cover

A page with some facts about the Oceanside pier

more pictures

Another descriptive page