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“Native” by Donovan Olson


Marc Adamus

The second I online photographer I have chosen to write about is named Marc Adamus. He too is landscape photographer.  Adamus is from Corvallis, Oregon and his work has been featured in a number of advertisements and publications including National Geographic.  In his artist statement, he says that the most important quality of a photograph is to evoke an emotional response.  And that is exactly what he does in his pictures.  He has beautiful images that capture mountains, rivers, valleys and many other forms of wilderness.   Its hard to believe that some of his pictures are real, they are that great.  They look as if they are paintings instead of photographs.  One thing I really admired about Marc Adamus’ pictures is his use of light in his photographs.  The way that he uses light really adds depth and makes the pictures that much more interesting.  I also enjoyed the use of water in his photographs as well.  Underneath the photos on his site he describes how he captured them and what he did to result in the final image that you see.  You can even purchase them as well.  Marc Adamus’s ability to capture the Pacific Northwest and its beauty is inspiring I’m sure to other landscape photographers and those wanting to learn more such as myself.

Marc Ward

The first online photographer I chose was Marc Ward.  Born in Central Florida, he moved in the early 70’s to get an arts degree in East Tennessee.  On the topic his photography, he says “To this day I still make images, not take images.”  I think that really speaks volumes about Ward’s approach to his photography, he is creating art, not capturing it.  He also says on his site that till this day he has never been directly employed.  I’ve made it no mystery that I enjoy photographing landscapes, and Marc Ward has photographed some incredible ones.  But what really drew me towards Ward’s photography were the shots he took of piers.   I took many pictures of the Oceanside pier for the first book I did, and after looking at Marc Ward’s photos it has really given me some great ideas.  I recently took some pictures of birds on my agua hedionda trip, and after that I really appreciate bird photography.  It is not the easiest thing in world.  There is this one picture in particular that features these birds and it looks like he did some editing afterwards to create a reflection in water.  In fact he has a lot of images that he creates reflections in that are very interesting.  He photographs birds, landscapes as well as underwater life too.  Marc Ward images, as well as the work he does on them, are something worth looking at.  You can tell how much hard work he puts in to get a finished product.

Agua Hedionda Lagoon

The solo photoshoot I did towards the end of the semester was at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad, CA. The lagoon is a coastal reserve that contains many different endangered species of flora and fauna which help make up its beautiful exterior. The Agua Hedionda Lagoon foundation was founded in 1990 to help conserve, restore and enhance the environmental features of the Lagoon and promote balanced recreational and commercial uses consistent with assured future lagoon vitality. Visiting the Lagoon was a great way to end the semester and reflect on all the experiences and knowledge I obtained.


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Olof Carmel at Ordover Gallery

Olof Carmel is a photographer born in Sweden, raised in the U.S., that has shot some of the most beautiful landscape photography that I have ever seen. His work is currently up at the Ordover Gallery in Solana Beach. I have always been interested in landscapes, especially because drawing landscapes was my concentration in high school. I also love Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, two places that Carmel has photographed wonderfully. He is known for his use of vivid colors in the photographs he takes. In his artist statement, Olof Carmel says that he likes to move around quickly while photographing because it helps heighten is awareness, allowing him to capture better pictures. He says he has the strong desire to capture the beauty of the world and share it with everyone. I was amazed by Carmel’s ability to make amazing compositions in his photos. Not only are the colors interesting, but the way he captures them inside the frame is interesting as well. His photographs can sometimes look like paintings.  I really couldn’t decide which photo of his was my favorite, but I am partial to the photos that he took in Lake Tahoe. It would be cool to learn some tips from Olof Carmel on photography, because the images he takes are ones that I would definitely love to learn to take. Carmel is truly a master of capturing the beauty of our planet and I would suggest to anybody interested in landscapes to check out some of his work.