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Natalie Fobes

Tonight in our first meeting for my photojournalism class we watched some videos on photojournalist Natalie Fobes.  It was interesting to see how she was inspired to take pictures and write about Salmon after seeing on practically float in the air while she was by the river with her father.  This interested her so much that she then visited the Tulalip tribe of Indians who believed that salmon were actually people who were putting on costumes and sacrificing their lives for the better of others.  She captured some powerful images, particularly one of a member who was fixing a drum in a longhouse that was filed with smoke.  A single beam of light shone off the drum which created a great composition for Fobes picture.  Natalie Fobes also documented the horrible oil spill that happened in Alaska.  She was so heart-set on going to Alaska to photograph what had happened and finally glad when National Geographic allowed her to go.  The pictures that were captured by Fobes were incredibly powerful.  One image that stood out to me in the video was one of an oil covered bald eagle.  We are so used to seeing the bald eagle as white and majestic, but to see it covered in oil was very unnerving and helped create a very moving picture.  The photos she took in Alaska captured what the world needed to see.  Its amazing to see how life is affected by oil spills, and I am glad that their are photographers and publications that can reveal to the rest of the world its horrors and hopefully find a way to help.