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Andrew Prokos

A photographer that has inspired me for my architecture documentary subject is Andrew Prokos.  He is a New York based photographer who has had much of his work published in magazines and in some printed product lines.  He specializes in architectural, location, and fine art photography.  He has on of the largest archives of color and black & white photos of New York City.   His ability to capture a city that has been photographed a billion times and still make it interesting is what inspires me the most.  I also love taking panoramas when I shoot, and he has plenty of those. Andrew has went to great lengths to get the picture he wants, even if that means hanging from the Manhattan Bridge at night, shooting in ankle-deep water in the East River, or dodging oncoming traffic at night to capture the perfect long-exposure light trails. Some corporate collections his pictures are included in are Anheuser-Busch, Cisco Systems, and Merrill Lynch & Co.  I hope to photograph San Diego and do justice to it, showing why its named America’s Finest city.  Here is a slideshow of Andrew Prokos and some of his images.

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