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Gig Poster


The genre I chose for my gig poster is a variation of the Art Deco movement. Art deco originated in Paris in the early 20th century. It had a profound influence on the other art movements such as Pop art. Art deco deals with many simple shapes and colors.  The logo for the show Mad Men is one example that influenced me.

I tried to make my poster with the silhouette idea in mind, and added some more shapes to bring it to life.  I wanted to choose a strong picture to make my silhouette.  And who else other than the man in black himself, Johnny Cash, would make such a great subject.  His music may not fit the art deco genre much, but the famous image of him flipping off the camera gave me a strong silhouette for the poster.  Although art deco paintings include gradients in some pieces, I chose not to use gradients in the poster because I wasn’t happy with the results.  I stayed more with simple shapes and colors.

I chose a different font for Johnny Cash’s name took make it stand out. Art deco always reminds me of the the 50’s and 60’s, so that was another reason that I chose a musical artist from that genre.  The gig occurring in this poster is a tribute concert.  So even though the style may be older, it is a concert that will be performed by many different artists from different generations. Johnny Cash was also seen as a man’s man, I chose a manly drink to sponsor the concert, Jack Daniels, and I chose Coca-Cola to bring an even more recognizable face to the poster.

An artist emblematic to the art deco genre that I found was A.M. Cassandre. Here is an example of an art deco poster that he has done.

Vector Fruit using Gradient Mesh

Vector fruit done in Adobe Illustrator

“Older than America” poster

Poster I made for the screening of “Older than America” directed by Georgina Lightning.

Art of Photography Exhibition

The Art of Photography Exhibition was a really great chance to see the work of many talented photographers.  I had been outside the Lyceum Theater many times but had never been inside.  It was a really nice museum and I was surprised at the amount of photos were.  What I liked most about the visit was finding out that anyone could enter the contest they held for best picture.  The entry fee was really small, and the grand prize was two thousand dollars.  It was very interesting to see such diverse work from many different artists in one gallery.  I have always liked landscape photography, and there was plenty of them there.  But my favorite images at the gallery weren’t landscape though.  My favorite images  from that night were very different.  The first was called “Ramon and Toto at Home. Chino, Barcelona 1996,” by Jukka Male.  It was a black and white photo featuring a man playing with his pet dog and cat.  The second image was called “Seventy Flights in Ninety Minutes,”  by Byron Darby.  This was a incredible picture of about 20 or more airplanes in extremely crowded skies all headed for an airport.  The visit to the Lyceum was great and I’m sure I’ll be back soon.