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Archive for February 2, 2011

1000 Journals

The video we watched about the 1000 Journals project was very interesting.  I thought it was such a great idea to leave random journals around the world for people to pick up and contribute their own drawings, paintings, photography, writings, etc.  It was also cool to see some of the people who had contributed to the journals and hear their stories about how they came across them.   There was one story that was particularly touching about a woman who was trying to find a journal that her recently deceased brother had worked on.  It’s amazing to see how many lives have been touched and changed by this one man’s idea.  It would of been really cool to of been a part of this project.

I was happy to hear that we in our Artist’s books class would be passing around a journal of our own. Each student will get the opportunity to contribute their own art in these journals and then pass it along to the next student, until the entire journal is filled.  I’m excited to get the chance to experience what its like to be part of the 1000 journal project. Here are a few examples of some journal entries from the 1000 journals project.