Cal State San Marcos

Linda Zacks: Book Artist

Linda Zacks is a book artist who has influenced my Artist’s book project greatly this semester.  Her main website has the words art and typography in the heading, two things that I are very interested in as anyone who has seen my blog can tell you.  Her combination of different media just as pain and pictures is what really got me interested

The one particular thing about her books that inspired me was the layout of her book pages.  In one of her books she puts photographs on a page and then paints over them, sometimes using words and stencils.  I used this same kind of idea with my own book, but it is done all digitally on a computer using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. I used pictures I have taken and used vector paint splashes instead of real paint.

I am also a big fan of her typography work as well.  I recently became interested in typography last year after one of my graphic design classes introduced it to me.  On typography picture she has is for the Newport Film Festival and it looks like it is done with long exposure photography.  It is really amazing too look at.  Here are a few examples of her work…

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