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Marita Redondo

Marita Redondo  is an artist who combines art and photography very beautifully.  In a post on her blog, she uploaded some book pages that were based on a trip to Africa she made.  The pictures are great, they feature landscapes of Africa with animals such as lions, elephants, birds, gazelle and cheetahs.

Her book pages also feature pictures of local tribes people from the areas she visited.  Some of the pages include a photo on one side of a page spread, with an artwork done on the other side, such as a sketch or painting.  She also decided to superimpose writing on some of the pages as well.

Marita’s painting’s are incredible, and I am also a fan of her drawings.  The way she decided to lay out the pages of her book was interesting as well.  The background color in the pages makes the pictures in the foreground really pop.

The words on the pages look to a served as diary entries for Marita while she was visiting Africa.  One of my favorite page spreads from her book is the one that has a painting of a lion on the left page, with sketches of  more lions on the right.  They are stunning pieces of art.  Here are a few images from Marita Redondo’s book.