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Vector Fruit using Gradient Mesh

Vector fruit done in Adobe Illustrator

Donovan Logo

A grid featuring my logo design options.

donovan logo 9 page <——– link to 9 page layout




Type Effects


Here are three “ELEFONTS” I did in Illustrator.  Elefonts are designs of animals made entirely out of  nothing but different sized fonts and glyphs. No pen tool, shape tool, no skewing etc.  Here I made a Bird made completely out of the letter “V,”  a pug, and a T-Rex. I found myself using a lot of (Parentheses.)

Vector Bouquet

Vector Bouquet I did in Adobe Illustrator.

flower bouquet <————– link to PDF

Word ART

12 variations of word art done in Adobe Illustrator

Double Meaning

Some simple designs I did that have double meanings. You might have to know a little bit about military ranks to get the first one.