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I have been chosen by the Cal State faculty to be the coordinator for the 2012 Funes Digital Art Contest. Here is the poster I created for the event.


Tagxedo Logo

This is a stylistic word cloud made using the website .  I used the most common words found on my blog to create a word cloud of my shark logo.

LOGO Attributes

For my text only logo example I chose the logo for the company RVCA; pronounced “RUCA.”   I love how simple it is, and it looks really good on clothing as well.  RVCA has many variations and different styles of logos they use, but the main one is my favorite.  A secondary version of the main logo takes out the “R” and the “C”, and it is seen on almost all of the items they sell.

I chose this logo of a for my text with image example.  It is a shark made out of text that spells out the word Shark.  I think its cool because I can make a shark out of the text in my name as well. I’ll draw it sometimes in my notebook when I’m bored.  I like the how the first thing you see is the image of the shark, and then when you look closely you see the word.

Another example of text with and image is the Fox Racing Logo.  Even though I don’t wear much of their clothing anymore, I’ve always had an appreciation for the logo which features the face of a fox where the “O” should be.

I designed these Olympic rings in class, its the word “Olympics” typed around the famous Olympic rings using the type on a path tool. You might have to click on it to see the black ring.

My example of a logo that uses just an image is the logo for the Denver Broncos.  I’m a fan of both the retro logo which featured a letter D and a bronco, and this one they adopted in 1997 which features just the horses head.  The blue and orange clash together and it makes for an awesome image.  I may be biased because I’m a fan, but the logo is just another reason to like the team.

My last example is also an image only example.  Its a logo from my childhood.  The company World Industries is still around, but when I was in middle school this skate company was pretty popular and I owned a bunch of the merchandise.  They’re popular for a couple characters, Flame boy and Wet Willy, which are a flame and a drop of water respectively.  Wet Willy was my favorite, and here is the logo they used for him.

Pechanga Reservation

Our next field trip was to the Pechanga Reservation south of Temecula CA. Right next to the Pechanga casino was a nursery that grows many different plants.  Again we were joined by other classes who took a tour of the entire place. There were these pretty cool areas where native huts had been rebuilt.  The amount of detail in them was incredible.  We got the chance  to go inside of them too.  It was nice considering it was freezing outside.  We were able to taste some of the flowers that are grown there as well .  It may not have been the greatest weather, but I am still happy with the way some of my images turned out.   Here are some of my favorites.

Willie Pink

Tierra Miguel

Our most recent Field Trip was to Tierra Miguel in Pauma Valley, CA.  Here we saw a 85-acre farm that specializes in growing organic produce.  To the date they have delivered 1,070.25 tons of their produce to schools and families in Southern California.  Other classes joined us on the trip as well.  While we took care of the photography and documenting, the other classes helped plant, harvest, and make salad for everyone at the end of the night.  I’ve never really spent much time on a farm so this was a new experience for me.  It was a beautiful day out and I’m happy with some of the shots I got.  I got a workout walking around the farm, trying to cover much ground as I could.  This trip was fun and it was nice to see and taste the finished product of the hard work that the people of the Tierra Miguel foundation put into the farm.  Here are some my favorite photos that I took that day.