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Minimalist Portraits

Here are some Minimalist Portraits I made of myself and my friends. I was inspired by the artist Ali Jabbar. These were all done in Adobe Illustrator.

Pano Week

These are some Panos that I have taken for Panorama week in class.

Silence and Noise Art Event

Here is the poster I made that will be used for the Silence and Noise multidisciplinary art event here at Cal State San Marcos on Friday Dec. 9th.


Switching up Logos

Here’s a recent project I made for my Process of Art class.  I took popular company logos and flipped flopped them with competitor’s logos in Adobe Illustrator.

Cloveready CGI

These CGI batteries were done by Derk de Wit from Zuidbroek, The Netherlands.  Derk liked my Cloveready batteries logo I made, seen here, and used it to create these cool CGI batteries. My original design is a play on the Eveready batteries logo. The program he used is called VUE 6 Infinite.

Tagxedo Logo

This is a stylistic word cloud made using the website .  I used the most common words found on my blog to create a word cloud of my shark logo.

Making Connections Updated

Here is an updated version of the Making Connections assignment.  I decided to do a list of the top things I’ve wanted for Christmas every year since 1992 when I was 5 years old.  Each Christmas Ornament represents a year range.

Long List of 40

For my list I chose the top 40 golf courses in America according to



Type Anatomy Iron Man

A type anatomy poster using only letters and numbers from the font Book Antiqua.

Book Progress








Progressive Variables: Round 1

progressive variables

Vector Self-Portrait

My vector self portrait done in Illustrator using the pen tool and a large number of layers and fills. Link to PDF attached at the bottom of the post.

LINK TO PDF ——-> Vector Portrait

Gradient Mesh Bottles

Bottles made in Adobe Illustrator using the Gradient Mesh tool.


Hills and Bubbles

Hills and Bubbles assignment done in Illustrator using only shades of blue and green.

Vector Fruit using Gradient Mesh

Vector fruit done in Adobe Illustrator

Donovan Logo

A grid featuring my logo design options.

donovan logo 9 page <——– link to 9 page layout





Here are three “ELEFONTS” I did in Illustrator.  Elefonts are designs of animals made entirely out of  nothing but different sized fonts and glyphs. No pen tool, shape tool, no skewing etc.  Here I made a Bird made completely out of the letter “V,”  a pug, and a T-Rex. I found myself using a lot of (Parentheses.)

Vector Bouquet

Vector Bouquet I did in Adobe Illustrator.

flower bouquet <————– link to PDF

Word ART

12 variations of word art done in Adobe Illustrator

LOGO Attributes

For my text only logo example I chose the logo for the company RVCA; pronounced “RUCA.”   I love how simple it is, and it looks really good on clothing as well.  RVCA has many variations and different styles of logos they use, but the main one is my favorite.  A secondary version of the main logo takes out the “R” and the “C”, and it is seen on almost all of the items they sell.

I chose this logo of a for my text with image example.  It is a shark made out of text that spells out the word Shark.  I think its cool because I can make a shark out of the text in my name as well. I’ll draw it sometimes in my notebook when I’m bored.  I like the how the first thing you see is the image of the shark, and then when you look closely you see the word.

Another example of text with and image is the Fox Racing Logo.  Even though I don’t wear much of their clothing anymore, I’ve always had an appreciation for the logo which features the face of a fox where the “O” should be.

I designed these Olympic rings in class, its the word “Olympics” typed around the famous Olympic rings using the type on a path tool. You might have to click on it to see the black ring.

My example of a logo that uses just an image is the logo for the Denver Broncos.  I’m a fan of both the retro logo which featured a letter D and a bronco, and this one they adopted in 1997 which features just the horses head.  The blue and orange clash together and it makes for an awesome image.  I may be biased because I’m a fan, but the logo is just another reason to like the team.

My last example is also an image only example.  Its a logo from my childhood.  The company World Industries is still around, but when I was in middle school this skate company was pretty popular and I owned a bunch of the merchandise.  They’re popular for a couple characters, Flame boy and Wet Willy, which are a flame and a drop of water respectively.  Wet Willy was my favorite, and here is the logo they used for him.

Design Treatment Carry-Over

The Baseball cap is an example of  fashion that transcends beyond its original purpose or design.

Not only is the Baseball cap worn by baseball players, but since its introduction it has crossed into fashion statements from everyone from movie directors to musical artists.   Even the Armed forces, especially the Navy, and police forces across the U.S. have adapted this type of hat as an everyday part of their uniforms too.  A variation of the the baseball hat, known as the “trucker hat” is used by company to advertise, this because of the large space on the front of the hat.  The caps can also be seen being used in other sports, like on the sidelines of a football game.

The inventor of the Cell-Phone, Martin Cooper, says that he was greatly influenced by the show Star Trek, when he came up with his idea for the mobile phone.   The show featured the characters using this type of communication device,that looks extremely familiar to the flip-phones we have today.  Its funny that a show that aired in the 60’s inspired the design for  a device that practically everyone has nowadays.

Pony cars are a class of automobile that are very stylishly designed and became popular with the emergence of the Ford Mustang in the early 1960’s.  Other car competitors came out with their own pony cars and tried to use the same muscle/sport design as the mustang.  All these cars would eventually become classics, and individuals in their own right. Fast forward 40 or so years and there was a revival of the pony car design, again being started by the Ford Mustang.  The designers went with the retro design that was so popular, added some updated looks, and in 2005 the new Ford Mustang was available.  Since then, other cars like the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger have both went back to their old designs.  I’m sure other car companies will be influenced by this retro-revival.

Word Cloud

Another Graphic design project, a word cloud made with the lyrics from Hotel California by The Eagles. PDF link on the bottom.

hotelcalifornia <———— link to PDF