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Jessica Dimmock: The Ninth Floor

We also watched The Ninth Floor by Jessica Dimmock.  The film is a series of narrative portraits about people who who live on the ninth floor of a building that has slowly been turned into a haven of drugs and depression. The story focuses on three individuals, the owner of the building named Joe Smith, a couple named Dionn & Rachel, and a girl named Jessie.  Joe Smith started accepting drugs instead of money for rent and then the building really started going downhill.  At the end of the film, we learn that nobody really knows what happened to Joe Smith.  The couple, Dionn and Rachel, are featured in the film through pictures as addicted to drugs.  But as time progresses, Rachel gets pregnant.  Their healthy baby is born, and there is touching audio of Dionn taking about how important his baby daughter is in his life, and how he is taking the steps towards making life better for his family.  Jessie is a girl also addicted to drugs and at sometimes the audio during the film shows how bad she actually is.  The end says she is trying to kick the drug habit and is on the right path.  Here are a few examples of photos from the film.