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Olof Carmel at Ordover Gallery

Olof Carmel is a photographer born in Sweden, raised in the U.S., that has shot some of the most beautiful landscape photography that I have ever seen. His work is currently up at the Ordover Gallery in Solana Beach. I have always been interested in landscapes, especially because drawing landscapes was my concentration in high school. I also love Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, two places that Carmel has photographed wonderfully. He is known for his use of vivid colors in the photographs he takes. In his artist statement, Olof Carmel says that he likes to move around quickly while photographing because it helps heighten is awareness, allowing him to capture better pictures. He says he has the strong desire to capture the beauty of the world and share it with everyone. I was amazed by Carmel’s ability to make amazing compositions in his photos. Not only are the colors interesting, but the way he captures them inside the frame is interesting as well. His photographs can sometimes look like paintings.  I really couldn’t decide which photo of his was my favorite, but I am partial to the photos that he took in Lake Tahoe. It would be cool to learn some tips from Olof Carmel on photography, because the images he takes are ones that I would definitely love to learn to take. Carmel is truly a master of capturing the beauty of our planet and I would suggest to anybody interested in landscapes to check out some of his work.