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Art Wolfe

Photographer Art Wolfe’s work caught my eye because I am interested in wildlife and landscape photography.  Over his career of 30 years, Art Wolfe has photographed landscapes, animals and native cultures on every continent on earth.  He has published over 60 books, including some award winners.  Wolfe spends 9 months a year researching and scouting areas where he will will take his photographs.  He also has won countless awards and medals for his work including the Photographic Society of America’s Progress Medal. He also hosted a show on ESPN in the early 90’s called American Photo’s Safari. He also has a show that debuted in 2007 titled Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge. On his website he has a quote about him from actor Robert Redford, “Art Wolfe’s work tells a story that is overwhelming, breathtaking, and vast.”  Some of the images in his site are simply amazing.  Everything from his photos of animals to his landscape photos are incredible.  Here is a picture of Art Wolfe and a few of my favorite images of his.

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