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MOPA Artist Inspiration Week

This past week we were asked to visit the Infinite Balance Exhibit at the Museum Of Photographic Arts (MOPA) in San Diego. Each of the Artists in the exhibit are on the shortlisted for the Prix Pictet, which is the world’s leading prize in photography and sustainability.  After viewing all the photos, we were given the task of choosing one of the photographer’s featured in the exhibit, and then take photos of our own that reflected our chosen photographer’s style.

The photographer I chose was Thomas Joshua Cooper. Cooper’s photos consist of stunning black and white landscapes, most of them containing water in some way or another.  The deep contrasts between black and white in the images are what stood out most to me.  The white really pops, but does not overshadow the deep black and gray tones.  Many of his photos contain a beautiful ethereal glow, usually the white glow of crashing water contrasted against sharp black and grays.

To reflect Thomas Joshua Cooper’s style I traveled to the beach to take my photos like I have many times before.  I focused on getting close up shots of the ocean and crashing waves.  I tried to create as much contrast as I could in the photos, creating really stark black and whites.  These images really fit the black and white beach collage I did a few weeks back, I even featured one of those shots, a static shot of ocean foam, in this series as well. Here are the photos that I took trying to best reflect the style of Thomas Joshua Cooper.

Triptych week

Here are my three triptychs for this week’s assignment.

Poster #1 & #2

Posters made from my book in progress. Each is a double page spread.  I used a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.




Art Event #5: Cal State Triptychs

This event took place here at Cal State San Marcos in the Art building.  It was given by Deborah Small’s photo documentary class.  I happen to have had my own piece hung up on the the wall for the event.  It was cool to see pictures that my classmates have been taking.  A “triptych” is three images next to each other that are related in some way.  Some of the pictures at the event that were up were of certain people or places, depending on what the subject of the student’s documentary was.   It’s hard to choose a favorite because there were so many great ones.  One I liked a lot was Eric Lopez’s photos that had three photos of spray paint can caps and stencils used in street art.  And there was also Lance McCormick’s, who had great photos of his friend who is a radio voice actor at Clear channel.  The triptych that I did involved three photos of downtown San Diego.  I messed with the color to make the red in each photo stand out.  I wish I would of made the background black, but nonetheless I’m happy with the way it turned out.  Here is my triptych which is also up in the photo section of my blog.

Downtown Night Shots

Some night shots for the documentary project.







Triptych Photos

Three photos I chose for my Triptych assignment


Here are some recent photos I’ve taken for our documentary project.